Sunday, December 14, 2008

new house for sale

Here are some pictures of the new house. We are hoping to sell it, but if it doesn't, we'll probably be moving into it sometime soon...?


Everyone played soccer this year. The season started mid-August and Hayden just finished his last game yesterday!
Zoe was on the Blue Lightning. She did an awesome job and played all positions including goalie. She had one save as keeper that was so spetacular that spectators passing by even cheered her!
Madeline was on the Blue Angels again. They had a great season. Madeline was a top player and really helped out.
Hayden made a select team this year and was a brick wall of a defensive player! They had the most exciting games! All the boys played their positions well, passed well, and played HARD. They ended up 3rd in their division with some tough competition.
Carson played 3 on 3, and Matt was his coach. Their team name was the Red Skeletons, but I think Coach Matt would just be fine calling them The Zoo. Carson scored lots of goals and had fun (maybe too much) with his teammates. Hopefully some other parent will step up to coach next year, whew!

Madeline on JV Fastpitch

I know this is way late (we're in the middle of basketball season now!) but here are a few pictures of Madeline playing softball this fall. She looks so grown in her school uniform! She did a great job playing mostly at short stop.

Cousins and pumpkins

It was so fun to have Maddox and Berkely come up with Grandma Gwen and stay with us for a few days. They had fun playing outside and going to the pumpkin patch. Then they flew home and came back up with the whole family! So we went to the pumpkin patch again! We sure love having you guys visit!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's got short shorts?

Carson is so funny! The other day he comes down the stairs and says, 'Mom, look at my new shorts' . I was laughing so hard because they are Build-a-Bear shorts And I don't even know how he got them on that far! It was too cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday shoes

These are the shoes Carson wore to church today. I told everyone to get their shoes and get in the car. Halfway there Carson asks for help with his shoes. Seriously?! I can't believe he picked up two different shoes and didn't realize it. I mean they're not even CLOSE! My first instinct was to stop by Target or somewhere and get him a cheap pair of shoes, and then I thought, No! He doesn't NEED any more shoes! He HAS shoes. And he needs to learn to focus on tasks better obviously! So gosh darn it, I guess he's going to have to wear these ones for a couple of hours and just suffer through it. So yes, I made him wear them (notice also that they are both RIGHT foot shoes). I don't think anyone else we ran into in public noticed, but every time I looked at him I couldn't help but start giggling! I hope he learned his lesson :) PS. In true Carson form, he didn't seem too bothered by it after a couple of minutes.

We Sail!

Just like Bob at Lake Winnepausaukee, we can now say "WE SAIL!" We won a day trip on a 30ft sailboat at an auction, so last Sunday afternoon the owners Lance & Mary Lindsley took us out on their boat the Viking Star. We left from the Tacoma Yacht Club and sailed in Commencement Bay and over to Brown's Point, Maury Island, and Vashon Island. It was perfect weather! Sunny and a bit windy. We saw some guys sailboarding and that was really cool. They would flip up into the air about 20 feet on the boards! Hayden was deathly afraid we would see a shark or a whale, but no such luck. I took a whole bunch of really cool pictures with my new fancy camera, only to find out after we got home that I didn't have the memory card installed!!!! Thank goodness I snapped a couple with my little cheapie camera (because those were the ones I was going to quickly upload and blog with) I feel a little sick when I think of all the cool pictures I could have had. It was just SO beautiful out there and such a fun experience!

Friday, September 12, 2008

First day of school

Ahhh, the first day of school. It was a blur of activity making sure everyone had all their school supplies, a lunch, and knew where to go once they got to school! But everyone made the bus and found their classes. Madeline is at Glacier Middle School in 7th (!!!!!) grade, Hayden is big man on campus at Mountain Meadow Elem. in 5th grade, Zoe is in 3rd, and Carson is finally FULL day in 1st grade! They are ALL officially out of the nest from 8-4! Of course what did I do on MY first day with no kids at home? I went up to the school to help out and check on PTA stuff! Ahhh, but I will have no problem staying busy at home, and I enjoy having quiet time, ha ha! It's just me and Puff!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madeline's cute haircut

Madeline and her friend Katy went to get haircuts before school starts. They both turned out so cute! Can you believe these girls are only 12?! They look so grown up and pretty. Look out 7th grade, here they come!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mother and Daughters

These are just pretty pictures we took of each of us at Temple Square next to the pretty flowers.

Park City & Olympic Park

On our last day of Utah sightseeing, my sisters and I drove to Park City. First we did the chair lift. Erin did really well at not freaking out when we got really high. It starts pretty innocently right in town and goes up the first hill. THEN it keeps going up and up and gets pretty high! We were on it for about 30 minutes altogether. We didn't dare get off at the top to look around because we knew we'd never get Erin back on! She was scouting out loggers that we could see and making comments that she was pretty sure she could walk to them and make them drive her back down the mountain! This picture is of us coming back down into the town.

Then we stopped at Olympic Park and were lucky enough to catch a kids freestyle ski jumping camp practice. It was neat to see these kids going down the ramps and flipping into the pool. Since we used up Erin's 'fear factor' allotment for the day, we didn't do the bobsled ride. Instead I took my picture in one at the gift shop! Still cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sisters Salt Lake Sightseeing

After my stamp convention Laurel & Erin met me in SLC and we went sightseeing and had lots of fun! We took a tour of Welfare Square and sampled the delicous bread, butter, jam, and cheese and got to help our Sister missionary tour guides teach the 4 other people on our tour (who were snowbirds from Florida) about fast offerings and taking care of people. It was really neat. The missionary couple who drove the tour van were so cute too, they took our picture for us.

Next, we went to the Bingham Copper Mine. It is HUGE and very cool to see. So that was interesting and fun too. Mostly we just had fun talking and laughing along the way!

Madeline's first Girl's Camp

Madeline went to her first year of Girl's Camp last month. She had a lot of fun! Her favorite things were archery, crafts, and campfires. Good times!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Earl & Barbara's 50th anniversary

We celebrated Matt's parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a nice party at Matt's sister's house. They had a lot of guests and everyone had a good time. One of Earl's brothers (Ray) even came over from Idaho. He took this picture of our family. I wonder what Matt and I will look like in 35 more years at our 50th....!

cute things

A few more cute goodies. I just love these little white buckets I found at Target's dollar spot. And nothing makes banana bread look better than some cute ribbon :)

Carson turns 6

Carson had a party for his 6th birthday at Super Jump Party Zone. The kids had a ton of fun going down the big slide and bouncing through the obstacle course. It was fun to have the Flanigan, Mitchell, Robinson, Penrose, Crook, and Kayner families join us. It was definitley the more the merrier! In case you're wondering, the cake is a Pokeball. Carson is a big fan of Pokemon cards lately. He also got a new bike which he loves! (Sorry I can't figure out how to turn the pictures right side up)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Zoe turns 8 Hawaiian style

Zoe chose to have a Hawaiian themed birthday this year. So we had all the girls wear leis and flower bracelets. Zoe had a great time and received some fun presents including Webkins and stuffed animals. She was so tired after the party that she fell asleep face down on the floor (surrounded by her new furry friends) about 5 minutes after all the guests left!