Sunday, July 6, 2008

Earl & Barbara's 50th anniversary

We celebrated Matt's parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a nice party at Matt's sister's house. They had a lot of guests and everyone had a good time. One of Earl's brothers (Ray) even came over from Idaho. He took this picture of our family. I wonder what Matt and I will look like in 35 more years at our 50th....!

cute things

A few more cute goodies. I just love these little white buckets I found at Target's dollar spot. And nothing makes banana bread look better than some cute ribbon :)

Carson turns 6

Carson had a party for his 6th birthday at Super Jump Party Zone. The kids had a ton of fun going down the big slide and bouncing through the obstacle course. It was fun to have the Flanigan, Mitchell, Robinson, Penrose, Crook, and Kayner families join us. It was definitley the more the merrier! In case you're wondering, the cake is a Pokeball. Carson is a big fan of Pokemon cards lately. He also got a new bike which he loves! (Sorry I can't figure out how to turn the pictures right side up)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Zoe turns 8 Hawaiian style

Zoe chose to have a Hawaiian themed birthday this year. So we had all the girls wear leis and flower bracelets. Zoe had a great time and received some fun presents including Webkins and stuffed animals. She was so tired after the party that she fell asleep face down on the floor (surrounded by her new furry friends) about 5 minutes after all the guests left!