Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mud Mt. Dam

The view from the end of the path... when it was finished in 1948, Mud Mt. Dam
was the largest rock and earth filled dam in the world!
Maddox and Carson kept wanting to run down the path, but I was afraid they would find a way to fall over an edge so we kept telling them to slow down!

Thatcher got so tired after a long day, he just snuggled up with Madeline on the couch for a nap.

For my birthday on August 7th, we had Scott & Wendi here so we decided to do a BBQ at Mud Mt. Dam for my birthday dinner. I was craving hot dogs from a charcoal grill! Boy were they yummy (and peanut butter cup s'mores too!) We had the park to ourselves so we walked down to the dam view point and also played soccer. It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Boating

Come on in, the water's fine! Nothing's finer than Lake Tapps on a summer day! While Erin and her kids were here we went out on the boat. The kids just love swimming around and going on the tube.

Mount Rainier makes a nice backdrop while Carson and Wade are tubing.

Puff loves to go on the boat. She just chills out in the shade and enjoys the breeze :)

This is Elle and she had lots of fun swimming and jumping off the ski platform

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few more summer cousins pictures...

Madeline and Rysa after cooling off in the pool Hayden was able to get some great Monopoly games going...

Mmmm, Malt-o-meal!

Uncle Matt's giant slip and slide was a lot of fun!

Enjoying a little down time watching a movie.

Dragonflies and Dandelions

Zoe and MacKenzie had fun making their dandelion rings and posing.

Berkley was able to get a dragonfly to land on his finger, it was so cute!

More Fourth of July

Here are a few more pictures from our family Fourth of July:
Zoe, Zane, and Jensen have some yummy homemade ice cream!Smokebombs away!

MacKenzie makes some Snakes

Zoe and her little bud Zane :)

Thatcher and Brody like the swings

Fourth of July

We were lucky enough to have family here to celebrate the Fourth of July with us. The first fireworks we did were smokebombs. We made LOTS of smoke! The kids loved all the different colors and the smoky smell. The kids also did some charcoal Snakes. When evening came we set up the spectator area and let the dads and the bigger kids do the show. The smaller kids looked on from a safe distance. It was a little loud for Brody so we put some earmuffs on him. We also got some neat glasses with the fireworks that made the fireworks look extra sparkly and like a kaleidascope.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quad Squad

We had so much fun with all the cousins visiting this summer. One of the favorite activities was riding the quads. I think Belle was the most die hard rider, with MacKenzie and Darcey runners up. They would all take turns together with the bigger kids making sure all the smaller kids had rides. With Belle's influence they even formed a Pit Stop area where they would pull in to get gas and have the tires checked etc. Then of course lunch had to be served out by the action, hence the Pit Stop Cafe. I think they must have all combined to put some serious miles on those quads during those few weeks in July!