Thursday, August 21, 2008

Park City & Olympic Park

On our last day of Utah sightseeing, my sisters and I drove to Park City. First we did the chair lift. Erin did really well at not freaking out when we got really high. It starts pretty innocently right in town and goes up the first hill. THEN it keeps going up and up and gets pretty high! We were on it for about 30 minutes altogether. We didn't dare get off at the top to look around because we knew we'd never get Erin back on! She was scouting out loggers that we could see and making comments that she was pretty sure she could walk to them and make them drive her back down the mountain! This picture is of us coming back down into the town.

Then we stopped at Olympic Park and were lucky enough to catch a kids freestyle ski jumping camp practice. It was neat to see these kids going down the ramps and flipping into the pool. Since we used up Erin's 'fear factor' allotment for the day, we didn't do the bobsled ride. Instead I took my picture in one at the gift shop! Still cool.

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