Sunday, July 6, 2008

Earl & Barbara's 50th anniversary

We celebrated Matt's parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a nice party at Matt's sister's house. They had a lot of guests and everyone had a good time. One of Earl's brothers (Ray) even came over from Idaho. He took this picture of our family. I wonder what Matt and I will look like in 35 more years at our 50th....!


Starbucks Junkie said...


Amye Kay said...

Ok I am LAME! I check your blog weekly and just figured out that "Carson's mornin' sunshine" picture must be your header. I would see that and not scroll further thinking you hadn't updated your blog. I was WRONG! Anyway the kids parties looked so fun and of course I am in LOVE with everything you do, you are my talent inspiration in life, anyway, I saw your new home listed too on the web. Good luck with everything. We hope to be in our home in about 10 days or so. Miss you.

Anderson Family said...

Okay, I did the same thing that Amye did. :) Loved scrolling through and seeing the neat things you've been doing Ms Martha! :) See you soon!