Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here are the official Halloween pictures for 2009-- First up we have Hayden the Orange M&M....

Next we have Carson the 'Grimm Reaper' (that's what he called himself, but really it's just the only other costume we had laying around and it's just a random scary mask thing...)

Then we have Zoe the Hobo. She mostly just wanted to have a stick with a bandana sack tied to it.

This is Madeline the Cupcake. Grandma Gwen made this for her and it was so fun. She stayed nice and warm inside her pink fleece frosting too, bonus!

Friday, November 6, 2009

On this day 5 years ago...

I was going through old pictures on the computer and found this one of Zoe. I remember how much I loved this haircut on her! I just thought it was weird how this picture was taken on today's date 5 years ago! She was 4 years old, we had just moved to our house in Buckley, and this picture was taken at Game Farm Park at one of Madeline's soccer games. I remember how much fun we had that day playing in the fallen leaves. Time sure flies...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Our old friend Judy Thompson gave us tickets to one of the last Mariner game's of the season. It was perfect because we got to see the A's (my other favorite team!) and since the season wasn't stellar, the stadium was a little empty so we sat wherever we wanted! We chose the left field line and hoped for some foul balls. One came pretty close! At the end of the game someone from the A's bullpen threw Hayden a ball and a Mariner field guy threw one up to Carson, so we went home with souvenirs :) The kids LOVED the garlic fries. Good thing we ALL like garlic fries, because that is definitely an indulgence that gets shared with everyone you are wiff, I mean with! There were lots of hits (Griffey had a homer and Ichiro almost batted the cycle), the Mariner's won, and the weather was perfect so it was a great night!
Hayden, Zoe, and Carson were too chicken to get their picture with the Moose, so Matt and I did instead.
The kids thought this big Pepsi sign was cool so we took a picture by it. There are like a million mini lights all over it and it shimmer sparkles.

Funny face tomato

We had SO many tomatoes this year! Here's a funny one we picked... we drew eyes on him. His big nose and 'hair' were just so funny! So what do you do with an abundance of cherry tomatoes? Put them in jars and package them up cute to give away of course! We gave these to the kids' teachers at open house night. These cherry tomatoes had such a good flavor :)

Doin' the Puyallup

We had a great family night at the Puyallup Fair! Look how tall Carson is, he can ride everything now! His favorite ride was the room that spins around so you stick to the wall by centrifical force. He and Hayden went on that at least 5 times. Ugh, it makes me nauseous thinking about it! So the kids rode all the rides they wanted with their Dizzy Passes and we didn't have any lines. We finished the night off by taking the Sky Ride across the fair to the exit. It's fun to see all the lights and rides at night. Of course the other great thing about the Fair is the food. We sampled all the goodies: cow chip cookies, monster fries, krusty pups, onion burgers, scones, elephant ears, taffy, ... ahh... we felt like Templeton the Rat in Charlotte's Web! (I'm SO glad none of the kids puked on any of the rides!)