Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday shoes

These are the shoes Carson wore to church today. I told everyone to get their shoes and get in the car. Halfway there Carson asks for help with his shoes. Seriously?! I can't believe he picked up two different shoes and didn't realize it. I mean they're not even CLOSE! My first instinct was to stop by Target or somewhere and get him a cheap pair of shoes, and then I thought, No! He doesn't NEED any more shoes! He HAS shoes. And he needs to learn to focus on tasks better obviously! So gosh darn it, I guess he's going to have to wear these ones for a couple of hours and just suffer through it. So yes, I made him wear them (notice also that they are both RIGHT foot shoes). I don't think anyone else we ran into in public noticed, but every time I looked at him I couldn't help but start giggling! I hope he learned his lesson :) PS. In true Carson form, he didn't seem too bothered by it after a couple of minutes.


Laurel said...

that is hilarious! my kids have gone places with two different flip flops but that just doesnt compare with carson. makes you wonder at what age do they really get it:) atleast you went to church right? you will be blessed for that.

Amye Kay said...

Oh that was a GREAT shoe story, one of the best posts this week that I have read. I LOVED your boating pictures, and I am envious of your empty nest...only 4 years left...AHH that seems so far away. Miss you!

Brad and Jeanine said...

That is too funny! I love that you stuck to your guns. I probably would have gone back home...good for you!!!