Sunday, October 31, 2010


Carson decided what he wanted to be last minute, so he became a last minute toilet paper mummy. The tp immediately started coming undone of course, so by the time he was done trick or treating he was back to regular Carson. Grandma Gwen made Zoe this adorable French Chef outfit and even embroidered Chef Zoe on the jacket. Zoe had fun putting flour on her face to make it more authentic.

When brainstorming about what to be a few weeks before Halloween, Hayden came up with Mr. Peanut. Grandma Gwen said, I think I can do that... and voila! Mr. Peanut! It was a really cool costume that she molded out of foam and she made a big cardboard hat for the top. Hayden was able to look out the monocle eye. At first he wasn't too keen on wearing black tights, but it looked awesome. All night people kept saying, What an awesome costume!

Madeline wore her cute cupcake from last year.