Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Madeline playing basketball

Madeline made the JV basketball team at school this year. She had fun and improved her skills. Here's a little clip where she rebounds and scores. She's so tall already! She is officially 1/4" taller than me now!

Grandpa Smith

My Grandpa Smith, who is 89, was on his way to South Africa with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Val and had a 5 hour layover at the Seattle airport, so we went and met them there for a little visit. It was great to see him! He is going blind, but still so sprightly and energetic. It's neat that the kids have a Great-grandpa that they can know in their lifetime. Grandpa has had such an interesting life. I am anxiously awaiting his written accounts of some of the battles he was a part of in WWII. Too bad we couldn't see him play his bagpipes on this trip!

Zoe at Port of Tacoma

Zoe had a field trip to the Port of Tacoma. It was really cool to see them unloading container ships and all the specialized machinery. Those longshoremen make like $300K a year! It was a really interesting field trip.