Sunday, December 14, 2008


Everyone played soccer this year. The season started mid-August and Hayden just finished his last game yesterday!
Zoe was on the Blue Lightning. She did an awesome job and played all positions including goalie. She had one save as keeper that was so spetacular that spectators passing by even cheered her!
Madeline was on the Blue Angels again. They had a great season. Madeline was a top player and really helped out.
Hayden made a select team this year and was a brick wall of a defensive player! They had the most exciting games! All the boys played their positions well, passed well, and played HARD. They ended up 3rd in their division with some tough competition.
Carson played 3 on 3, and Matt was his coach. Their team name was the Red Skeletons, but I think Coach Matt would just be fine calling them The Zoo. Carson scored lots of goals and had fun (maybe too much) with his teammates. Hopefully some other parent will step up to coach next year, whew!

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Starbucks Junkie said...

Madeline is built like a goalie, has she ever tried it. She reminds me of Nik at that age:)
Fun days of soccer, I miss it.