Monday, June 22, 2009

Last days of school!

This picture of Madeline was taken at the Star Awards assembly where she was honored for making the Honor Roll all year long. On the last day of school she also received the Silver Grizzly Paw award which is awarded to only ONE 7th grade girl for the year. She was chosen by her teachers and was presented with a neat trophy. What an honor! This is Zoe, Carson, and Hayden on their last day of school at Mountain Meadow. Next year Hayden will be off to middle school with Madeline on the early bus.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoe turns 9!

Zoe had her 9th birthday on June 3rd. She wanted a 'checkers' theme because she loves the game and because she wanted a checkerboard cake like I made at Easter. Grandma Gwen beautifully decorated the checkerboard cake and we made personal checkerboards for the party guests as favors. Zoe was excited to get a Sock Monkey and Slinky (she loves those classic toys!). She also got a blue Beta fish :) Her party was fun and the girls played the big candy bar game and had a balloon toss.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carson turns 7

Lucky for Carson that his Grandma Gwen was visiting on his birthday this year. She made his favorite cinnamon rolls for his class birthday treat AND his birthday cake! His cake is a black widow spider eating a bee. Yes, that's what he asked for so that's what he got! We had a fun party in the backyard with his friends. Mostly they just jumped and wrestled on the trampoline, but they also had a fun water balloon toss.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Madeline is 13! She is now an official teenager, yikes! Isn't her cake adorable? We had a 'movie party' and created a theater in our own family room. The girls were able to buy snacks at our snack bar with Madeline Bucks that we printed out. We had 15 girls at the party! They had fun playing the big candy bar game and paper telephone, and then of course watching a movie (Horton hears a Who) and eating LOTS of snacks!

Making Monsters

Grandma Gwen brought up a cute pattern for making monster dolls. The girls have had SO much fun making them. Even Hayden has made a couple! The variety we have going is amazing. So far I think there have been about 12 monsters made including these ones made by the girls and their friend Ashley.