Friday, May 23, 2008

Zoo with the Sutherlands

We took the kids to the Pt Defiance Zoo with the Sutherland family. The kids had fun of course. On the way out they all got balloon animals to play with on the way home.

cute cookies

I know I'm crazy, but I LOVE packaging treats! These were the cookies Carson took to school for his birthday. I know that kindergarteners don't give a rip about a cute tag, but that's what makes it fun for me! Otherwise I'd just send him with a package of Oreos and call it good :) The reason there is a little ant on the tag is because Carson and I look at the ants everyday while we wait for the bus to come. There is a big ant hill by the road and they are always busy running around and carrying things. Carson is pretty fascinated by it. I get the creepy crawlies if I'm too close and when he's not looking I step on as many as I can!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Madeline is 12

Can you believe Madeline is 12?! I'm still trying to grasp it. She just seems so big now. She is of course a wonderful girl and is so sweet. For her birthday party she wanted to have a stamp workshop. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun. Having 12 girls squealing around the house for 4 hours was 'like, you know, so awesome!' Like, I think they like had fun!

baby robins

We had some robins make a nest on the speaker by our back door. There were 4 bright blue eggs inside so of course we had to keep them safe and hope they would hatch. Well, they hatched! Their mouths are so big! The mom and dad robin take turns feeding them all day. These pictures are from last week or so, and since then all the robins have left the nest. We've seen them around the yard so we know they are doing fine and learning how to fly. It's so cute to see how involved the parents are with them still. They totally communicate, it's amazing!