Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slide Rock in Sedona, AZ

Right after school ended we flew to Arizona to spend time with our cousins. We were so excited to finally meet baby Kate! She is such a cutie! Madeline and Zoe just loved holding her and Kate was so happy and smiley.

Our first adventure was driving up to Sedona to go to Slide Rock state park. It was so much fun to get in the river and slide down the smooth and slippery rocks like a natural water slide. Here is Zoe and Elle getting ready to get in the water.

Jensen, Zoe, and Hayden on the rocks

Keeping baby Kate happy in the shade

Zoe goes for a slide

Hayden slides toward one of the whirlpools

All the cousins

The whole group of us after spending the day at Slide Rock

Sedona is beautiful with it's red rocks and cliffs! The trip was definitely worth the drive!

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