Sunday, June 26, 2011

Arizona fun

 Having all the cousins eat together at Grandma Gwen's house is fun, we just cram them all around the table and keep passing the food!
 I stood on the island to get an aerial shot
 Another fun activity around the table is playing Uno.
 Thanks to Netflix the kids discovered the series H2O and it became a marathon to watch all 72 episodes before we left. This was a frequent sight whenever we were at the house, a bunch of couch potatoes!
 One day we drove out to Maricopa to see Austin and Nicole's new house and go swimming with them.
 Swimming at Brimhall pool was fun too because they had diving boards and water slides.
 Carson got up the courage to go off the high dive after a few failed attempts. He was so proud of himself!
 We went to a Diamondbacks game
The ballpark was getting ready to host the All Star game so it was neat to see the signs up

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