Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tillamook, Oregon

We took a trip to Tillamook since we were going to Beaverton for Madeline's soccer tournament. It was Elle's birthday and she LOVES the beach, so we went straight to the beach. When we got there we had a picnic on the grass. It was SO WINDY! Birthday girl Elle turned 6

After our picnic, we walked down to the beach

Elle was doing her best to catch the seagulls.

Cute Zoe

All the kids. We are missing Hayden because he had a soccer tournament back home the same weekend, so Dad stayed home with him.

The beach was rocky and windy! But it was still fun to walk around.

The water was pretty chilly, but Carson and Wade splashed around a bit and had fun jumping waves. The wind had the waves pretty whipped up!

We found a cool tunnel that went through the rock to another beach. The tunnel was so windy it was hard to walk through it.

One of the peep holes drilled through the tunnel

After the beach we went to tour the Tillamook factory. We sampled yummy cheeses and saw them packaging the cheese.

Then we sampled their delicious ice cream, yum!

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