Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The last days of July

July was so fun because my sister Erin and her kids Wade and Elle were here with us the whole month. We tried to do lots of fun little outings and also just fun stuff around the yard. I can't believe how many posts I had for this month! I'm glad I took lots of pictures so we can remember all the fun we had. These are the last few miscellaneous pictures from July... Erin and I took a day and went to Seattle to Pike's Place. We had a good time looking at all the shops and even stopped in at my friend's new shop there called The Chocolate Market. It's so cute!
We went to Ocean Shores for a day to play in the sand. The kids love the new souvenir shop there called Sharky's. They have every shark related souvenir you can think of!

Zoe loves being silly for the camera!

Elle turned 6 while they were here. She got an ice cream cake with starfish candles (she LOVES the beach!)

Wade, Hayden, and Carson. Cousins united by a common love for video games. They would be happy sitting there the whole day in their pajamas.

Board games were fun when Mom said "turn off all the TV's!"

My strawberry plot did really well this year. Last year I had 6 little starts from my friend Amy and this summer they completely filled in the space and produced a lot of berries. They are so much sweeter than the berries from the store too! We ate all these fresh! Yum!

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