Sunday, July 18, 2010

Portland Rose Garden

On our way home from the soccer tournament in Beaverton, we stopped to check out the Rose Garden in Portland. There are really neat parks there. Here is Zoe by a monument. This was a pretty fountain. Everything around was so green and lush

Then we got to the roses. There were SO many different kinds! We had fun smelling them all.

The name of this rose was Elle, so we took a picture of Elle by her namesake. She thought that was pretty neat.

These were my favorites. They kind of look like peonies. I wish I had an English tea garden with a huge trellis of these!

Elle found a slug. Ugg!

Gross! This thing was huge!

Erin found a tile for Queen Erin from the past. Funny because we all call Erin the princess...

This was the Holocaust Memorial in the park. It was so austere and solemn. It was hard to read some of it. The stories were just so heartbreaking.

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