Monday, August 15, 2011

Seattle harbor tour

The next activity for our Seattle stay-cation was going on a harbor tour. Matt had to work so we brought Cole Mitchell along with us. I had the kids pose on the pier before our boat came in. The reason some of the kids are looking to the side is because just as I said 'smile' one of the dock workers started yelling at us to get away from the ring! Apparently their special Argosy ring is trademarked, which means they want to make you take a picture with it before boarding so they can try to sell you the print when you get back for $15. Yeah, no thanks. I'll just take my freebie picture, ha ha, you're too late!
 Waiting for our ship to come in...
 The boys...
 Enjoying the view of the city from the top deck.

 The city skyline
 Harbor traffic
 I think this picture looks like a postcard. We got lucky to have such a beautiful day.
 Carson was less than thrilled with the hour long boat ride.
 We got to go right into the Port of Seattle and see the big container ships and cranes. It was pretty neat.

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