Monday, August 15, 2011

Seattle Aquarium

 After our harbor cruise we went to the aquarium.
 Carson the octopus
 Zoe the jellyfish
 These birds were so funny. The keeper put a mirror out there and they went berserk talking to it and bobbing their heads up and down. I guess they will do that for an hour or more and it's supposed to be good for them because they think they are interacting with other birds. Obviously not the smartest species...
 Salmon. Yum.
 Zoe got ahold of the camera and took a ton of pictures of the exhibits. Some of them are so pretty. Here is a pink anemone.
 A purple urchin
 A white anemone
 An orange rockfish
 A big ugly fish
 A shark looking fish
 Sleepy river otters
 A peach anemone
And this concludes our tour of the aquarium. Fun!

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