Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Madeline's New Smile

This is Madeline before going into the orthodontist to get her braces taken off. She got them on almost two years ago. According to Madeline it's been a long almost two years of no sticky candy and corn on the cob. The 'fangs' she had are just a distant memory now! Fun! They sang to her and gave her balloons with a bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate.

The beautiful new smile all straight and sparkly white! Madeline was happy to go back to school and smile the rest of the day. She has since enjoyed Milk Duds and corn on the cob sans braces.

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Stephanie said...

Yeah, Madeline!! I remember when I got mine off. It was awesome! It was fun to see you the other morning out running. I hope your knee starts to feel better.