Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sounders game at Starfire

We were able to see the Sounders play Chivas at Starfire (their practice facility) which was really cool because we were able to be really close to the action. A lot of families from Zoe's soccer team were there so we sat in a big group.

Madeline and Hayden, before the start of the game... it was beautiful and busy day! (Same day as the first day of school)

The Sounders stretched and warmed up right in front of us. That's Freddy Montero with the curly black hair.

The Sounders band got everyone riled up and then it became a big party, just like the games at Qwest field. Loud and full of chanting!

Our little Sounders after the game. (I made that Sounders afghan for Hayden)

Sounders Family

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