Monday, August 23, 2010

More Mesa

I found a few more pictures from my quick trip to Mesa. This is my gorgeous sister in-law Wendi. She's so tall and pretty, kinda makes me feel like an ugly troll but I love her anyway! And these are 3 of her cuties, Berkely, Jensen, and Maddox. I don't know where Thatcher was... he's adorable too of course. It was fun to see them even though it was only for a few minutes!

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Amye Kay said...

Monique, you are too funny. I would never in a million years think to describe you as a 'troll' or 'cream puff', you are so beautiful. I LOVE your trailer's new look and I love checking out your blog and peeking into your life. You are one of my most missed girls from Bonney Lake.