Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoe turns 10

Zoe's favorite treat right now is Muddy Buddies, so that is what she wanted to take to her class on her birthday. I decided to put them in dixie cups with a cute little tag on a stick. It worked out well and she was happy to share them with her friends. many Muddy Buddies...

Turning 10 is pretty exciting! Zoe opened presents from us on her birthday. She got roller blades, soccer shorts, and the movie Alice in Wonderland.

She was really excited to finally get a pair of Adidas soccer sweatpants that she had been begging for.

Now she looks like a real soccer girl!


Laurel said...

I saw a recipe for pb&j muddy buddies that look delicious. So sad that she is growing so old.

Amye Kay said...

Love the muddy buddy idea! I can't believe our kids are 10!