Sunday, April 4, 2010

Madeline's cake pops

This is Madeline making some cute and very delicious Cake Pops that we saw on Bakerella. She tinted the white chocolate light green for St. Patrick's Day (not that you can tell in this picture.)

Then we put on some cute sprinkles just for good measure. Sprinkles make everything better. They were so yummy! Madeline is such a good little baker!


Amye Kay said...

Madeline is following in her mother's footsteps, no surprise there. I LOVE that owl, it would go so perfect in my girls owl room and owl bathroom. The horse bite was crazy but slighty amusing too. How wild is that. Miss you girl!

Stephanie said...

I saw these on the web-site. I want to make them for Emery's birthday. I'll have to ask you for advice...because she makes it sound so easy and I'm sure it's not!

The Gibbs Family said...

Okay so how'd ya do that? I'm going to look into this. Too cute.