Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

Matt loves to get in the holiday spirit and decorate the house. He didn't go all Clark Griswold on the outside lights this year, but he did light up the staircase, the tree, the kids rooms, and helped set up other displays like these carolers. My mom made these ceramic carolers in 1979 and I just love that I get to decorate my home with them. They are so cute and I have fond childhood memories of them! We decided to cover our windows with snowflakes and it turned out really nice. Some of them were really ornate. Madeline and Hayden made the most intricate ones. Carson made a LOT. It was a lot of fun to cut them!

Here are Matt and Zoe setting up the Christmas houses on the bookcase. I buy a new house each year (starting from when we got married) so this year I added a 16th house to my collection. I got the Doctor's Office.

We made lots of yummy treats this season! Here's Zoe helping Dad make lemon bars. We also made peanut butter bonbons, ginger cookies, and I made toffee for the first time. We had fun packaging up boxes of treats and taking them to some of our friends.

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