Monday, November 2, 2009

Doin' the Puyallup

We had a great family night at the Puyallup Fair! Look how tall Carson is, he can ride everything now! His favorite ride was the room that spins around so you stick to the wall by centrifical force. He and Hayden went on that at least 5 times. Ugh, it makes me nauseous thinking about it! So the kids rode all the rides they wanted with their Dizzy Passes and we didn't have any lines. We finished the night off by taking the Sky Ride across the fair to the exit. It's fun to see all the lights and rides at night. Of course the other great thing about the Fair is the food. We sampled all the goodies: cow chip cookies, monster fries, krusty pups, onion burgers, scones, elephant ears, taffy, ... ahh... we felt like Templeton the Rat in Charlotte's Web! (I'm SO glad none of the kids puked on any of the rides!)

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