Sunday, October 11, 2009


Grandma Gwen made these Wicked t-shirts for the girls for them to wear to the show. The four of us girls went and it was such an awesome show! The singing was amazing, I mean really, it was just as good as the original cast. It was fun to see how it played out on stage along with the soundtrack we know and love so well!

This was after the show in Seattle at the Paramount. Our seats were pretty high up but still worth it! We were, dare I say, Defying Gravity! Ha ha :)


Kimberly Robinson said...

Yay! I am soooo glad you guys got to go! Isn't is such an amazing production?! I love it that you got to go with your mom & girls.

emily :) said...

Such an awesome show! I wish I could have seen it in Seattle too!! :)

The Gibbs Family said...

How fun that you went with your girls and your mom! I love love love listening to the soundtrack while cleaning house!