Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hayden's 5th grade banner

I forgot to post this at the end of the school year, but here is the 5th grade banner for Hayden's school that our very own Grandma Gwen brilliantly made. It turned out so awesome! All the kids and teachers just loved it! Each 5th grader has their name on their own book on the shelf and the teacher's names are on the apples. Gwen spent hours making each book unique. After the 5th grade moving up assembly lots of the kids had their pictures taken pointing to their book (like Hayden is doing). Now the banner will hang in the main hall of the school forever!


HEIDI said...

That is sooo neat! She's is so creative :)

Amy said...

Your mom is so amazing. That is awesome. When she runs out of projects at your house, send her over! :)

Starbucks Junkie said...

Grandma Gwen wins again!!! She needs an apple.