Sunday, May 18, 2008

Madeline is 12

Can you believe Madeline is 12?! I'm still trying to grasp it. She just seems so big now. She is of course a wonderful girl and is so sweet. For her birthday party she wanted to have a stamp workshop. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun. Having 12 girls squealing around the house for 4 hours was 'like, you know, so awesome!' Like, I think they like had fun!


Laurel said...

Man all you kids are having their birthdays. Madeline is so pretty. I love her hair like that. I am sure it wasnt you favorite because its not dead staight but she lookes so good. Now she can babysit for people. Crazy!!! keep bloging it is fun.

Starbucks Junkie said...

Wow----those girls do not look like they are 12. They look so much older than that, maybe becasue there are so many of them in one spot. You always throw a great party.

Amye Kay said...

YEAH! Welcome to the world of BLOG. I am so happy to find you here. Please post pictures of your new house! I loved Carson's morning hair!